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Exploring the history and function of the Administrative State, highlighting questions about the scope of power frequently exercised by agencies.

Professor Richard Epstein provides an alternative to the conventional view that property rights are arbitrarily created by the state, and therefore can be changed at will by the state.

The formation and core tenets of the Structural Constitution, with modules on history, federalism, Articles I, II, III, and more.

This series is accessible to students, practitioners, and anyone interested in learning more about how contracts work and why we need them.

This No. 86 course will not only cover the basic principles of corporate law, but also pose bigger questions about the role of corporations in society and in the free market.

Learn about the basic tenets of criminal law from both professors and practicing attorneys.

Learn how philosophy can improve your legal reasoning and help you become a better lawyer.

The growth of Originalism as a theory of Constitutional interpretation, and key debates among originalists today.

Learn about the principles of Property and why it's foundational for a legal education.

Anglo-American law has roots in this ancient system, and other systems borrow even more from the structure and classification employed by the Roman lawyers.

This No. 86 course will include videos on basic topics like how Torts is related to other 1L classes, the importance of intention and different types of causation. Professors will also discuss more advanced and specialized topics such as medical malpractice, consumer product liability, and how different theories approach tort reform.